The most expensive slot machine in casino

Everything in this world has its price. Anything, whether it is a car or a toothbrush, can be budget, standard and can (if everything is done right) turn into an exclusive, the price of which will be expressed even in the thousands, and millions of dollars. So how we can forget about the casinos? The magnet for money.

There are such examples in the gambling industry, as far as at the usa online casinos. And it’s not the most expensive poker chip, not the tiniest deck of cards and not even the most exact dice. Records will now put His Majesty the Slot Machine!

The history of the slot machine has more than a hundred years. They first appeared in the United States, where they served as entertainment in shops, petrol stations and other places. Any visitor was able to go to the machine and test their luck. For a hundred years, much has changed: ultra-modern, stylish slot machines completely switched to electronics or even online versions which can be found at 7Sultans casino and left mechanical reels in the distant past. The latest developments of the leading manufacturers of gaming equipment cost money. And yet, the most valuable are rarities, the first slot machines that have survived. Being in the capable hands of the master, they can be restored to an ideal condition, they can be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The most expensive slot machine in casino

There is in this world a gaming machine (slot machine as they are often called), which since its inception has consistently been only in the first line at the top of the most expensive gaming machines in their entire history. At first glance, automatic Calle is unremarkable. It was released in 1929 when it mass production was developed, and to this date such gaming equipment from the late 20-ies of the last century are numerous. 

What is so highlight the “one-armed bandit”? The thing is that this machine was made by Sidney Mobell, the jeweler known worldwide. This talented master has long been famous for addiction to transform the most ordinary things in the works of jewelry art. Slot machine Calle was first repaired, then Mobell covered its body with 19-carat gold.